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One of those weird, informal, nonchalant and utterly awkward hugs where the girl sticks her ass out and you only really touch chests. Typically means that the person you are hugging is repulsed by you, or doesn't dig you.
I don't think Michelle likes you man, she just gave you a textbook cheerleader hug.
by McSandtrap February 07, 2007
Cereal bars are a new breakfast food craze that is swiffering the nation. They are charecterised as your favorite cereal (which for me is trix) in bar form, along with a layer of "real milk" in the center. They are also the reason terrorists hate us. And have been proven by the BBC to be unhealthy.
Nicole got super aids from a cereal bar.
by McSandtrap October 10, 2005
Another word for a hand job, or receiving penile gratification via the hand. To be whacked off, or jerked off. The act of receiving hand manipulation.
Becca gave me a hojo last night in the back of my Geo Metro.
by McSandtrap October 17, 2005
When a male is having anal sex with a female and is interupted by an outside source. He proceeds to pull out so fast and with such vigor, he rips out her O ring.
Kevin was boning this girl and her parents walked in. She ended up with a russian backpack. OUCH.
by McSandtrap October 04, 2005
The act of spreading a woman's breasts as far apart as they can possibly go. You then insert your face between them, and let them spring back onto your face, while making a sound with your mouth that sounds like Wa-tata. Similar to the infamous Motorboat
Bob wants to give Sherri a Wa-tata.
by McSandtrap May 24, 2007
Refers to the phenomenon of either having too many women in your life, typically so many that it becomes messy, (feast) or having no women at all (famine).
When it comes to the ladies, it seems like its either feast or famine.
by McSandtrap May 11, 2008
To have coitus. To have sexual intercourse. The act of inserting your penis into a woman's vagina (assuming she is of legal age and mind-set) and thrusting in and out until orgasm is achieved.
Me and Veronica are gonna play bone time 99 later. Yeah!
by McSandtrap October 17, 2005
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