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A global holiday celebrated on the first Tuesday of every week. Methods of celebration include:

1) "The way the natives do": Participating in the act of anal sex

2) "Alternative celebration": The act of masturbating to anal pornography or the thought of anal sex
Falesi: Happy Anal Tuesday! You guys gonna celebrate?

Doran: Yup! Met a chick at the Black Squirrel Saturday night and she said she'd be up for some hershey highway 'splorin!

McQuiver: Unfortunately I'm only going home to tube8 to stroke lil McQuiver to some blacks on blondes.
by McQuiver January 24, 2010
When a man dehydrates himself and receives oral sex. When he ejaculates in her (or his) mouth, the load is very thick, and spaghetti like, and the taste is very difficult to clear up by simply swallowing. The effect is maximized by ejaculating closer to the top of the tongue, but still in the mouth.
I drove for 14 hours straight yesterday. I didn't drink anything 'cause I didn't wanna have to stop and piss, so when my girlfriend got to suckin on my knob, she got quite the spaghetti surprise!
by McQuiver February 06, 2010

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