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1. The most supreme form of a douchebag, this person's douchebaggery know's no bounds

2. ANYONE who watched, liked, or talked about in a good way, failed hard movie Twilight

3. See definition #2

4. Any Mexican who's named Jose Paublo Miranda

5. Anyone who likes vampire movies is not a douche-bagula, unless you like Twilight

6. Anyone who doesn't use the term "Cockass"

7. All Jews :)
1. The 10 year old girl who was waiting on the red carpet, while the star of the male vampire of the suck-ass movie Twilight screaming "Bite me, bite me" is a douche-bagula

2. Anyone of Jew-ish descent is a douche-bagula

3. Because Jose Paublo Miranda pussies out on so many things, he is the ultimate douche-bagula
by McPimping June 20, 2009

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