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As in everything about a chick looks good, "but her face."
Damn bitch was hot, then she turned around, and I was like Pete, check this shit out, he said "word" and then we went fishing
by McMichael VanWasson March 07, 2003
Another term for butterface (see definition) where the chick is hot except that if her face were a weapon, it would be a harmful one (she's ugly) but you are drunk and she has a nice body, and you want some 'nanny, so you put a bag over her head...it's the degrading trade off we give women for allowing them to vote.
Skillet be real, no deal, you gotta shred that cheddar man, they all up on you!
by McMichael VanWasson March 07, 2003
Gel-covered spikey haircut that has the sides shaved. The Jurgle is known for not only being massive, but also for eating things that hair just should not eat i.e. faces, fingers, and ninja turtle action figures.
Lee's jurgle was so massive, it ate my bitchin' ninja turtle without even chewing.

Lee almost dropped the football, but luckily the Jurgle was there to run it in for a touchdown.

Oh shit, I forgot a pencil for my big test...Lee, give me back my pencil your jurgle ate last week.
by McMichael VanWasson March 03, 2003
A Large mammal that uses exagerated hand movements while speaking. This mammal is known for its alcoholic binges and good smelling purges. The buttress is usually seen in the Kansas-Missouri region when he is not eating massive amounts of sour punch straws in Texas.
Dude, what's up with the buttress?
I don't know dude, he has been sucking trying to explain physics to that three year old for like 30 minutes...I think his hand gestures are making the kid cry. I know dude, maybe he is raping that poor child
by McMichael VanWasson March 03, 2003
Its like when you be eatin pizza and some rank ass bitch be like shit man I aint no bitch, respect me
Bitch was all acting phony and eating some tacos...Peppefony fo' sure
by McMichael VanWasson April 04, 2003
a plant
This room is a little bare, you know what would look great in here (what says the person originally being spoken to)... A poinsetta
by McMichael VanWasson March 07, 2003
When people be all up in a barn and you knows that you needs to get inside, so you and your squad just run at that shit and take it over by force like it was a cupcake...shit.
When Rau'l and his posse was all creaped out in the barn not lettin' us partake in his weed-smoking Par-Tey, we Barn Stormed that shit so fast, we could see sound
by McMichael VanWasson April 04, 2003

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