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Ok, so
The drive to calabasas is about as long as the wait in the line at the local plastic surgery office. Their high school boasts the worst football record (2-42) and athletes from other marmonte schools just laugh if asked if they beat Calabasas. Not only do their porches shine, but their generally fake lifestyles spawn "perfect" druggy children. The fact that at certain sport events the areas for each team are separated just disproves the "There's only been one fight" lie. Point is, Calabasas is a giant melting pot of money, where everyone goes and complains about the man down the street with only one car, AND ITS A TOYOTA. Don't visit, you probably won't return with your original car, face, or ass.
"Did you guys beat calabasas?"
..."Haha good joke"
#calabasas #football #sports #rich #money
by McMC65963 May 25, 2009
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