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3 definitions by McGrobb

(n) A line of broke-down 15-year-old pickup trucks driving 10-under the speed limit, or slower, in the left lane on a divided interstate highway. Frequently the pickup behind is mere inches from the pickup in front. You may see the driver (typically male) shouting angrily through his toothless lips.
I couldn't pass for 30 miles when I was driving in Kansas, due to the Hillbilly Parade in the left lane.
by McGrobb September 07, 2011
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n. a quick wash in the sink or in a shower, by a male or female, to ensure certain key parts are at the pinnacle of freshness. Can be coupled with a crackensack, or done alone.
Instead of taking a full shower, I just did a quick titsenpits to freshen up.
by McGrobb September 18, 2011
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n. a quick 5-minute wash in a sink or shower, undertaken by a male, to ensure specific key areas of the body are at their very freshest before meeting up with members of the opposite sex. Can be paired with a titsenpits, or done independently.

Also known as crack'n'sack, crack-n-sack, or crack & sack.
I was running late to meet my girlfriend, so I went with a quick crackensack instead of a full shower.
by McGrobb September 18, 2011
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