12 definitions by McGee

to inject drugs into urself or someone else using a needle because ur a junkie fuck
i bunted smack the other day, it was jolly
by McGee May 11, 2004
this guy that looks like jesus with a hurta meth addiction (see junkie jesus). he love metal, pussy and beer and 'getting orrn'
brujeria, give the crackpipe back u fuckn crackhead
by McGee May 11, 2004
to hit the meth and stay up all nite dribbling codshit
'lets get some maccas, get some paint and get orrrnn and do taggies'
by McGee May 11, 2004
A very mean and disgruntled texan, usually female, who finds pleasure in belittling her mexican friends.
Her sense of humor and feelings led to us knowing she was a trix.
by McGee August 10, 2003
a person who does graffiti and is generally dodgy. usually steals lots and hurts script medication.
that tagger did a tag
by McGee May 11, 2004

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