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The Woodlands is made up of mainly scene kids, skater, gangsters, anime freaks and preps, that's about it. There's a REALLY ghetto part, where Wilkerson Intermediate and Knox Junior High schools are, and then it's also home to one of the top 2 schools in the nation, College Park. Everyone hangs out at the mall and a LOT of people live in appartments. There's a mix of very low class people and extremely high class. It's not exactly a great place to visit if you're a tourist but living here is tight. everywhere you go youll see atleast one scene person. If you wear a lot of abercrombie or hollister you're considered a whore. Girls lose their virginity when they're 14. Other namesare: Weedlands, Hoodlands.
Man, that Rachel girl is such a whore! Ever since she moved to The Woodlands she's fucked every guy in the school.

I know! I heard she had sex with Harris last night, and right after that, Ryan!

What a slut.
by McCulloughKid June 27, 2009

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