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The book George W. Bush was listining to little kids read when is was September 11 and the nation was under attack. He could have hepled out but his pet goat was more important
1. Lets go hand out the book my pet goat to republicans
2. What is there better to do when the nation's under attack?
by McAnarchy July 06, 2004
In my opinion house of pain is a very good rap band.
Person 1: Lets go listen to some good music
Peson 2: OK I'll put on the house of pain CD
by McAnarchy July 06, 2004
A guy named Thome Yorke who moans into a mic and has annoying back up sound that clashes with the bad singing (moaning).
Listening to radiohead is like getting your eardrums raped.
by McAnarchy November 26, 2004
In my opinion the game is fun until you det good at it, then it's really boring. It is really nerdy and is a fucking money toilet. This is from a former player. Most players of Magic are either gay or can't get any women, like my brother. Not starting Magic is a good idea.
Hey Josh, I started playing Magic and my girlfrend dumped me but at least i can whack off to my new Glissa Sun-Seeker.
by McAnarchy December 23, 2004

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