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When someone goes out their way to correct everything you do outside of text errors. Goes as far as pronunciation, word usage and proper ways to use slang terms
Guy: Ay man, that party last night was off the hook!

Captain Killjoy: No, its "Hey", the party was "great", and that "man" has a name you know!

Guy: You see, this is why I piss in your apple juice faithfully every week. Take me in for another grammar holocaust and I'm leaving your proper ass home next time.

grammar douche ass-hat
by Mc Mondo Michaels August 30, 2011
When you see a chick who is questionable to be of age. Usually a chick who is at high school level but can almost pass for a older woman. Its usually that chick you really have to sit and look at before you even have the thought of sex come to mind. The males version of "spider senses".
Guy 1: Man that chick is hot, I'd love to sit that in my lap and grind her out like good coffee

Guy 2: Eww dude, wtf. You live right next to a high school. She isn't suspect to you?

Guy 1: No...

Guy 2: Seriously, thats jail bait. You touch her in your imagination and you're fucked

Guy 1: Whatever dude

Guy 2: Dude, that bitch is tan pants.

Guy 1: *Sudden Epiphany*
by Mc Mondo Michaels October 21, 2011

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