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The living proof that the american justice system has preference for celebrities. Despite having uncountable charges for drug possession and driving while being drunk, Lohan always manages to stay away from jail and ignore the community service and rehabilitation therapies the judges carry to her.
Lindsay Lohan was sentenced for a month in jail and only stayed for six days. Then went to rehab and left it shortly afterwards.
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012
Probably the most visited internet website in the world. It is a great tool to share and watch practically any sort of audio or video material (except for Prince related stuff since the guy still lives in the 80s and mistakenly thinks music can survive without the internet). It's also useful for sharing your opinion and argue about any matter with people around the world.

Despite its great benefits as an expression media, it is also a place were retarded people with a pathetic life come to insult people they don't even know to throw at them their own trash.
YouTube video: "The Avengers trailer".

Person 1: Wow!!! This movie looks awesome
Person 2 to Person 1: Yeah!!! I want to see it as well, it's gonna rock.
Person 3 to Person 1: You're an idiot, The Dark Knight Rises will be much better, you have no idea on good movies.
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012
They're suposedly the hippies of the XXI century with the difference that they don't have any strong ideology nor they have caused any relevant social movement. In theory, hipsters despise anything mainstream despite the fact that they're huge fans of Apple products and wear Vans shoes and clothes from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Hipsters are the kind of people that say poser seudo-intellectual phrases like "I liked Arcade Fire before they were famous".
Person 1: I'm a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino.
Hipster: I used to like him until he became mainstream.
by Mazmorrero January 04, 2012
A channel that used to be cool because it played music for all tastes (metal, pop, rock, rap, electronic, etc.) as well as music related shows (Making the video, Behind the music, TRL, etc.). Now is restricted to pop and hip hop and no particularly talented artists. Since the late 2000s, music represents around 5% of its content and the other 95% consists of shows regarding knocked up teenagers and the very worst of the U.S. society (a.k.a. Jersey Shore) who get paid thousands of dollars just for getting drunk and behaving like idiots.
MTV programming nowadays: Jersey Shore, 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, etc.
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012

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