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A race in which contestants drop their pants to their ankles and run. (giving the appearance of being retarded) Whomever goes the farthest 'wins".
Dylan joined the frat boys in their stupid retard race, but at least he gained some dignity and stopped before he became the winner.
by Maylain November 14, 2005
1: Break up your relationtionship with another.

2: Ditch your date.

Both definitions refer to taking that puppy dog boy (usually) somewhere to be dumped and picked up by someone else, or just lost.
Ugh, He is so clingy he is driving me Nuts! Thats it, its time to take him to the park!
by Maylain November 14, 2005
A game in which contestants race each other pants around their ankles, holding a quarter squeezed gently between their butt cheeks. When they reach the "finish" they must deposit the quarter into a cup, or marked goal first to be the winner.
Those rednecks up north are crazy, they were playing a game of Polish Tiddlywinks! They looked like retards, sick bastards.
by Maylain November 14, 2005

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