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The office shark is a legendary beast that senselessly attacks office workers, forcing them to go home early. The shark may attack at any time, however the office shark is especially active on Fridays, carrying many a worker off into weekend.
Tim just had a shark attack and had to go home. The office shark has been especially active this week.
by Maxwell Power June 29, 2006
Rephrasing a statement such that the concepts contained in the statement are simple enough for a being of lesser intelligence (ex. chimp or vb programmer) to understand.
Let me chimp it down for you - when I said we need to make the interface more intuitive, I meant "you need to learn HTML and fix that hideous piece of junk".
by Maxwell Power January 11, 2006
Leaving work early due to an unforseen attack by the legendary office shark.
Oh god! Searing chest pain! I think I'm having a shark attack - I'm going home.
by Maxwell Power June 29, 2006

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