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A form of Industrial rock that take from Electronic music and Punk rock, the term was coined by Mindless Self Indulgence lead singer Little Jimmy Urine.
I'm on an Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk binge

Mindless Self Indulgence invented Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk, all hail Jimmy Euringer!
#mindless self indulgence #industrial #punk #techno #pussy #cyberpunk
by Maxterbator August 19, 2009
A youth subculture at existed from the late 80's through the mid 90's. As the name suggests, the grungers all listened to grunge bands such as Nirvana, Hole or Alice in Chains and many of them adopted the fashion and ideology of the grunge bands. Some grungers also listened to bands and genres of music that influenced the Grunge movement, such as Noise rock, Hardcore punk, Alternative rock and Sludge metal. Following the downfall of the Grunge movement in the mid 90's, most grungers moved off into various subcultures, some became rivetheads, others started listening to Alternative metal, some turned to Indie rock, others went onto Pop punk, and the rest went onto cheesy commercial Post-grunge music.
"He's stuck in '92, he's a grunger."

"I used to be in a grunger in a grunge band, but I sold my soul and started a Post-grunge band, my name is David Grohl."
#nirvana #alternative rock #metal #hole #punk #noise
by Maxterbator August 18, 2009
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