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A fun and very annoying (if said in the right accent) way of saying lollies sweets candy etc. Commonly used to nag parentals and little sisters on long road trips. Always said with an annoying accent
"Bonbons for everyone!"
"Can I has a bonbon mommy?"
"Bonbons for Katelyn! Bonbons! Give her a bonbon Joan! Bonbons! We wants bonbons"
by Maxibabee April 14, 2010
A Catholic college in Auckland New Zealand Commonly known as the slut school. It resides by "lezzie lake" and has considerably less lesbians for a all girl college. It is for the most part fail but has an awesome barbershop headed with the pathetic "barbara"
"I'm going to school at westlake"
"Oh, lezzie lake? Can you drive me to Carmel College on your way?"

"I'm in the Carmel College barbershop group"
"I feel for you" *hand on shoulder*
"B-but... it's fun?"
by Maxibabee April 14, 2010

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