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A person so fat person that he/she (in fantasy) would be able to bleed butter instead of blood.
John: "Oh shit! Look at that huge fat bitch!"

Mack: "Omg! She must be so fat that she bleeds butter!"

John: "Hell yeah! Butter Bleeder for sure..."
by Maxel J March 12, 2008
The most fucked up cartoon in the world!

Think the writers smoked a ton of weed while creating it.
Sick crackheads!
How Ninja Turtles was made:

Writer1: Dude! lets make a cartoon about some ninjas!

Writer2: Omg yeah! I'm thinking animals man! like tigers or something!

Writer1: Nooo dude! turtles! mutated psycho turtles!

Writer2: That's sick! What should we name them? Shogun?

Writer1: Hell no. Lets name them after som freaking italian painting men!

Writer2: Oh kk. Do they live in Italy?

Writer1: NO! Italy is FAIL! They live in the sewer... with their mutated rat sensei! And they call eachother Dude all the time!

Writer2: Duuuude! hand me another spliff...
by Maxel J April 04, 2008

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