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1 definition by Maxamonious

A quiet and meek individual that is usually found hibernating in his home. He is extremely intelligent and hard working; but when pissed off he can use his wisdom against you. On Sunday afternoons he is often found watching football and in search of a morsel to eat. This quizzical and striking individual claims to be loud, obnoxious, and out-of-loop, however he displays characteristics of hermit like figures. It is extremely difficult to figure out what he is thinking in various situations for he is sly about expressing his emotions. Pejman's typically enjoy eating Gormeh Sabezi and often express their gratitude by displaying persian perfume. If one looks hard enough, they may encounter a Pejman sneeking a lemon to eat.
"Wow Pejman is doing the Perfume!"
by Maxamonious November 05, 2006
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