2 definitions by Max_Max85

Educated dishwashers.
Parents told them to educate theirselves.

Employers told them to go f*** theirselves.

Now that's what Generation Y is about!
by Max_Max85 December 30, 2010
(Girlfriend's chick)

The GFC is that beautiful girl that is a friend of your GF.

The one you are always acting cool with, deepening your voice when talking to, and trying to impress.

You just never feel the need to act this way with Non-GFC.
"Sweetheart, me and my friends will have diner here tonight"

- ok. who..

"hmm Kate, Britney, Mary.."

- eh.. ok.

"and Stacy might also come.."

- ok! fine! (!!!!)

- Man. Not the GFC again. She drives me nuts.
by Max_Max85 December 23, 2010

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