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Band of Brothers is a World War 2 H.B.O. mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg, and Tom Hanks. There are 10 episodes each directed by a different director. The story follows the men of Easy Company/506th PIR(Parachute Infantry Regiment)/101st Airborne. It follows the men from Camp Toccoa in Georgia. They are worked more than any other Company of the 9 there are. Which are Able Company, Baker Company, and Charlie Company(1st Platoon)Dog Company, Easy Company, and Fox Company(2nd Platoon) George Company, Howe Company, and Item Company(3rd Platoon) of the 506. After their training in Toccoa, it goes to the men on the boat to England and from there, there are soldiers who do no under any circumstances want to go into combat under their C.O.(Commanding Officer) Captain Herbert M. Sobel. They make a small note and send it to Col. Sink. He gets angry at them and tells them to march off. It later shows Sink talking to Sobel about his being reassigned to Airjump school for Civilians wanting to aid in the War as Emotional Support/Medics/Religious Guidance in time of need. From there it goes to the D-Day jump at Utah Beach, Normandy, France. After the jump, it shows the 101st teaming with 82nd Airborne division to take, and secure Carentan, France. From there it takes Easy Company to Operation Market Garden which was an attempt to have the largest Infantry Drop to end the War, the Operation was unsuccessful. After Operation Market Garden the 101st was spread into different towns to secure. Easy Company's was to take the town of Eindhoven, and to defend until the 30th Armor Division showed up. From there it goes to their C.O. Major Winters promotion, he takes 12 men on a night job to knock out a German operations base. The 12 men successfully take out 2 companies of Germans, none of which died, but few injured. After that, Winters gets reassigned, and they get a new asshole C.O. named Liutenent Dike, who leads Easy Company to Bastogne which is where The Battle of the Bulge took place. It was Hitler's last offensive operation to flank our soldiers and take over, which was unsuccessful. The casualties of The Battle of the Bulge was extreme. From their snowy, icy, month-long battle, they went to stay at a German held town called Foy. From there the C.O. of Dog Company, was reassigned as the C.O. of E.CO. His name was Lt. Spiers. From there a replacement C.O. Lt. Hank Jones(gradutated on officer school on D-Day) from there there is supposed to be a night patrol at Haguenue, and Jones immediately takes the officer to lead the patrol because of his inexperience in War, and not having seen any action yet. He leads it successfully. After Haguenue. Finally E.Co. gets a break and gets to Germany and have hot food, warm beds, and a place to atleast take a shit comfortably. Which is a nice break for them. Later on small patrol of about 7 men they discover a Concentration Camp, and immediately report to Major Winters, from there Winters orders troopers, and trucks to supply the starved Jews with food. Finally, they are told NOT to feed them. The Jews are severe disappointment. After that, the end of the War, and the last operation of E.Co. they enter Berchtesgarden which is where Hitlers eagle nest is, they secure it. They do so, and finally at the end of the War, either E.Co. members finally got to go home, or are shipped off to Japan because they don't have enough points.
Band of Brothers
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Easy Company
World War II
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by MaxWest February 13, 2007

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