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"Scientology is knowledge. That's all Scientology is. The word Scientology means knowledge. That's all it means. Scio means knowing in the fullest sense of the word. Many people believe this is named after "science." No, is's scio; knowing in the fullest sense of the word; studying how to know in the fullest sense of the word. But this is the same word as Dharma, which means "knowledge"; Tao, which means "the way to knowledge", Buddhism, which means "the way to spiritual knowledge." It's an old word, a very old word. It happens to contain within it today possibly the bulk of what is knowable in terms of theory that is immediately knowable to anyone anywhere."
Who cares what happens when others do not? The Scientologist. Who can help handle criminality, drug abuse , illiteracy? Anyone who choices to get Scientology applied. Who are the Scientologists? Those who are opinion leaders in the arts, science's and technology.
by MaxLogic June 10, 2005

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