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2 definitions by Max77

A strategic coup d'état of a couch or other piece of furniture. Accomplished by means of small, deliberate moves toward both extremities of the seating arrangement simultaneously. The end goal is reached when one maintains full possession of the couch, futon, sofa, or love seat. Ejection of any and all previous couch-goers to the floor is preferable. A cunning and underhanded move requiring skill, tact, and wit.
I wanted to stretch my legs, so I went all manifest destiny on Gus and Sam. They finally surrendered to my inevitable couch conquest, relocating themselves to the floor.
by Max77 October 25, 2010
13 1
To remain undecided on an issue for an extended period of time, make a decision, then change your mind at the last second. This is in reference to the controversy over Brett Favre's indecision in whether or not to play a 17th season with the Green Bay Packers.
Jenny was thinking about going to the movies with us all week. She said she was game on Thursday, but she decided to pull a Favre and flaked last night.
by Max77 August 04, 2008
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