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I find my views congruent with yours, my friend of Indian origin who follows the religion of Hinduism!
Indian Man: Ah, yes! I would like to arrange a marriage with that hot mama right there!
Other Guy: Fo Shindu My Hindu!
by MAX POWER November 03, 2003
Something cooler then 'cool'. When something is far superior to 'cool'.
Yo that ride is byke! That body of yours is byke girl!
by Max Power September 23, 2004
adj. High, drunk, and rowdy. Inebriated and ill/bitch-like.
Rob Smith was jenkinsed last night when he raped Eric's cat.
by Max Power September 06, 2003
A distance of at least one unit of seating (e.g. a chair, a foot or two on a bench) in between you and at least one other person. It is most often used when: a) a foul odor is emanating from the person next to you b) you don't want to be accused of being too close to a person of the same sex for, well, obvious reasons...homosexuality c) discomfort
"Hey dude you smell like shit, we should have a 1 desk buffer zone or I'll pass out during class."
by Max Power April 06, 2005
An unexpected event or situation.
We've encountered another church weasel.
by Max Power March 31, 2005
The meal eaten between lunch and the evening meal. Usually consumed at 3 or 4 o' clock.
The word's etymology can be traced to the latin words 'colligo', meaning to gather or assemble and a corruption of the verb 'voro' meaning to eat greedily / consume.
Would you care to accompany me for collinswood
by Max Power March 30, 2005
the wrinkly flesh forming the anus. SEE ALSO crinkled starfish
I flipped her over and pounded her bacon ring till I came.
by Max Power December 09, 2004

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