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Chickenknife is a thin flimsy piece of stainless steel, with no teeth to speak of. It is used mainly for spreading, getting mustard out of jars, reflecting sunlight into people's eyes and cutting lame meat like chicken, or ham.

Primarily used by Jerks or Camp Eddie.

Chickenknife can be found in pubs and restaurants the world over and is a substandard utensil.

Not to be used by legends.
Camp Eddie ordered chicken and was handed Chickenknife to cut it with.

Max and Jon had to use Lockhart on their dinner because it was red meat, and therefore more manly.

Max: "Ha ha, look at Eddie using chickenknife."
Jon: "He sure is a Jerk."
Max: "I wonder if he has a hair lip?"
Jon: "I think it's more of a cleft palette."
Max and Jon: "Jerk"
Eddie: "Sigh"
by Max Vicious May 02, 2008
The Knife of kings, Lockhart is an anodised serrated steel blade, firmly bolted to a long haft of finest teak.

Lockhart is used to cut manly things like beef or lamb.
It's shining teeth make short work of even the feistiest pieces of meat.
Max and Jonny tore through their roast dinners with the aid of Lockhart.

Camp Eddie has to use Chickenknife.

"Hey Jon, isn't Lockhart great?"
"Yes Max, it sure is. Way better than Chickenknife"

Eddie: SIGH
by Max Vicious May 02, 2008

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