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Smoke a joint. Roll some weed. Getting High.
I got some sick weed, lets rip a bird.

Wanna rip a bird after work?

I ripped so many birds last night.
by Max Flow April 20, 2008
Another word for weed. Generally used in context when weed is bided up and mixed with tobacco for the purpose of rolling a joint.
Roll that devils salad so I can get high.

Schwarzenegger, get me some devils salad so we can rip some birds.
by Max Flow April 20, 2008
When a man has a girlfriend and she leaves him and becomes a lesbian.
That guy is a dyke master, all the girls he has been with have gone lez.

That guy sure knows how to make girls lesbian, what a dyke master he must be.

Here comes the dyke master, he turn cock suckers into rug munchers.
by Max Flow April 21, 2008
A pedophile who rides around on a bicycle near elementary and high schools and stares at young children.
Here comes a pedocycler, hide the children!!!

Fuck look at that dirty pedocycler biking around looking for kids.
by Max Flow April 18, 2008
A man who is full of rasa.

Spiritual being beyond human understanding.

Musical prophet who bleeds soul.
Pay respect to the Rasaman.

Don't fuck with the Rasaman, he is powerful.

The Rasaman loves devils salad.
by Max Flow June 21, 2010
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