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4 definitions by Max Dickin

the point of the party where every vagina present decides it is time to leave all at once
Matt: "Dude, wheres all the hos at"

DJ: "You didnt see the flying v a minute ago"

Casey: "God damned brewery!"
by max dickin April 05, 2008
82 42
a state of having a hyperextended dick, normally caused after a night of rough sex with a human or animal.
Frank : "Man i got fuckin pulled pork after last nights gangster party"
by Max Dickin April 14, 2008
21 8
the beer pong re-rack with two cups in a straight line with one on the side, forming a sideways triangle. named for its resemblance to the sideways vagina that would be found on common asian street whores.
Three cups left? Let me get The Cylvia
by max dickin April 05, 2008
18 10
A statement given to one dude to the next if his game has earned him a hook-up, phone number, date, or money.

basically speaking: dick game proper
guy: "dude i hooked up with this girl an she gave me some gas money"
friend: "nice dick"

guy: "you know that girl from that last party? i hit it"
friend: "Nice dick
by Max Dickin May 01, 2008
24 17