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A nickname for especially pink breasts introduced by the Dutch prairie settlers of eastern Montana. A bra was commonly referred to as a Hogan Holster.
"Doctor, can you prescribe some salve for my puffy hogans?"
by max barshled August 11, 2007
(n) A rational reason for fearing technology whereas technophobia is the irrational fear of technology.
(v) Demonstrating technological dangers.
"The Large Hadron Collider is pure technofear."
by max barshled November 01, 2008
(n) a hallucinogenic mushroom found in cow fields of the southeastern United States.
"Be careful to not get shot while picking hooties."
by Max Barshled November 07, 2007
(n) The name is the result of combining two types of cannibis, grape and skunk, into a hybrid.
"Wow, that grunk sure seems to damage motor skills and render even the alphabet a challenge."
by max barshled August 11, 2007
(n) A type of indoor indica cannabis that gets it's name from the fact that long white hairs protrude from the top of the plant's fruit prior to harvest.
"The white widow, she is a cruel mistress, but what can I say, I love her."
by max barshled August 11, 2007
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