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Transitive verb - to be encrusted or coated with bling. Can refer to a person, describing the amount of bling worn by said person, or to an object that is heavily bejeweled.
Example 1:

Guy#1: "Yo, did you see the crucifix the pope was wearin' in the popemobile the other day?"
Guy #2: "No."
Guy #1: "That s*!%& was emblingened, son."

Example 2:

Girl#1: "That guy was FINE. Did you give him your number?"
Girl #2: "No, I make it a policy never to date any man that is more emblingened than me."
by Mavis Bodacious September 16, 2010
An applelanche is the avalanche that occurs when a load-bearing apple is removed from a supermarket produce display.
While trying to access the least-bruised Granny Smith the other day, I accidentally started one hell of an "Applelanche."
by Mavis Bodacious September 12, 2010
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