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A two-timing skank that was inbred from a pack of wolves. A Gillotti will typically say that he loves a mother, then go have wild jungle room sex with the father. Of all the skanks in the world, this can certainly be considered the most anally dangerous.
I just saw my buddy Chris pull a Gillotti on Zach's parents. Gross!
by Maukstraussity January 04, 2008
A pill-poppin, panty-droppin, knobb-slobbin, pube-headed ricksucker.Diehls are known to take two xanex, three vicodin, and a few muscle relaxers then pass out with their dog's red rocket in their mouth only to be found by their Motha hours later. Next time your walkin your dog pookie in the park, guard his rocket relentlessly, or a Diehl will strike again!!
Yea I met these kids Mike and AJ in school, they turned out to be a couple of Diehls and, well, lets just say my mom won't let them sleep over again until my dog dies.
by Maukstraussity February 12, 2008
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