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1. One who takes charge of and dominates asses like a despot.

2. The nemisis of the asspirate. Although their goals are similar they are loathe to share the ass-sea.

3. A man who loves ass-sex, but unlike the asspirate the ass captain in purely homosexual.
1. "I can't believe the way roberto lets mantooth captain his ass like that"

2. Asscaptain McClendon glared at his arch nemesis, the dred asspirate Roberts.
"I'll be damned if I share this eerr ass-ocean yee," exclaimed the insatiable Roberts.
"Then battle for the ass we must!" retorted McClendon.

3. "Man o man do I singularily love to tyranize a man's ass," said the asscaptain.
by Matuea October 08, 2006
Originating in Pre-colonial Brazil the Portugese Breakfast was first introduced to the west via an aboriginal tribesman who passed on the info to some portugese conquistadores. With a taste for omelates but no skillit to speak of he siglehandedly revolutionized the egg industry. Throwing caution into the wind and 3-4 eggs, plus fixins into an ass cavity he created a quick and delicious meal as well as a great way to demoralize the person being used as the ass skillet.
"Sofia smiled to herself as Alowicious poured western omelate batter into her ass cavity. In a matter of minutes they would be dining on one hell of a portugese breakfast"
by Matuea October 08, 2006
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