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When someone farts into another persons butt. The other person mixes the fart around inside them, then farts it back out. It is a fart within a fart.
Sharon: "baby, I want us to move our relationship to the next level...I think we should create something together."
Ben: "I love you Sharon, but I don't think I'm ready for kids yet."
Sharon: "kids!? No! I want us to make an inception fart!"
by Mattybizzle September 19, 2013
Also known as STJG, this occurs when Jewish guilt is transferred through a sexual act. Usually from the female partner to the male.
Doctor: "Matt, the results have come back positive. You have sexually transmitted Jewish guilt. Also known as STJG. Have you had relations with any Jewish mothers recently? "

Matt: "Damn you Robertaaaa!!!!"
by Mattybizzle September 29, 2013
When a guy cums in a girls ass and she shits it out into a cup and drinks it.
Vito has anal sex with dawn and cums in her ass and she shits in a cup right after and drinks the nestle quick
by MattyBizzle April 01, 2006

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