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Acting out of character
You drawin pass the blunt.
Quit drawin we meed to do this
by Matty Smizz March 13, 2005
N: The toughest ghetto in the world is foster road.

Adj:Something ghetto or beat

The mean streets of hatfield pa gave birth to foster road, and the niggaz in foster are the most muderous thugz ever.
N: Have you ever been to foster road?

Adj:"look at that borke ass car"
"shit thats fosta"
by Matty Smizz March 13, 2005
N: A township located in montgomery county PA, that has turned into one of the roughest ghetto's in pa.

The most thugged out suburb in the world.
You got hookers on chairs doing lines and other crazy shit liek that.
Shit i aint going to m town the niggaz is drawin up there.
by Matty Smizz March 13, 2005

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