11 definitions by Matty Boy

The Anus.
"Christ, that shit was heavy. I nearly split me dung button."
by Matty Boy March 10, 2004
when ur cuddling ur girl and her hair gets all in your mouth, and you make a silly face and splutter like a cat.
i was lying in bed with suzie when her hair went in my mouth, it gave me a really bad catmouth
by matty boy November 30, 2004
The accidental act of crushing ones nuts. This can be done by either sitting down when they are nestled directly between the thighs, or wearing ones trousers too tight.
"Sorry boss, won't be in today. Got on my bike drunk last night, slipped and suffered a cluster buster."
by Matty Boy March 09, 2004
a situation,event or an object that may have contributed to bizzare behaviour exibited by others.
If a gentleman were to tear a newspaper up into hundreds of pieces and then proceed to eat them, it may be because he is 'whacked out on goof balls'.

Of course, he may just be a mentalist but that's another story
by Matty Boy October 07, 2004
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