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A U.K. Phenomenon, however it is heavily inspired by American preppy clothing trends. A chindie is a chav who, upon discovering he looks 'smart' in shirts under pastel colour jumpers and khaki pants/faded jeans, wears them all the time. He then proceeds to experiment with smarter clubs than the usual chav haunts (which play soul destroying r'n'b/rap crap) and experiences middle of the road bands e.g. Kaiser Chiefs and Oasis. They 'discover' these bands, and spread them amongst their mates. Chindies spread. They piss off indie kids because they claim to like independant, fun music but really are sheep. Oasis and Kaiser chiefs are repetitive to the extreme, basically rap with guitars. Arctic Monkeys have mastered this form of music, and dress like the common chindie. They became huge because they are chindies, possibly the first band to be so after Oasis led the way. The word chindie is a mixture of chav/indie kid, although this is highly insulting to honest indie kids everywhere.
Me-Honestly, I though this club would be good for our music scene, but it's filled with fucking chindie scum and plays wank music.
by Matttty April 16, 2006

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