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To become inspired to be thin; usually by Lindsay Lohan and/or, but not limited to the Olsen Twins, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, or those girls from the OC.
After Monica saw those rib cages on the cover of Us Weekly, she was thinspired to go on Atkins (which btw, doesn't work).
by Mattkins August 06, 2005
According to online resources, a "real" IMAX screen is a screen that is totally "immersive" and fills your field of vision. A "fake" IMAX screen, or Liemax, is a screen that is branded "IMAX" the same as giant screens, but is not that much larger than regular movie screens, and does not fill your field of vision. Thus, it's just another rip-off for your bucks.
Check for real IMAX theaters and Liemax theaters on Google maps before you go out and purchase a ticket!
by Mattkins January 04, 2010

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