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Prime minister of Holland, and most laughed-at one. A French politician once called him Harry Potter, and so does everyone in Holland.
Jan Potter Balkendende should try a different haircut.
by Matthijs B May 15, 2005
Satan was/is:
- Adolf Hitler
- Josef Stalin
- Heinrich Himmler
- Adolf Eichmann
- Saddam Hussain
- Joseph Mengele
- Pol Pot
- Osama Bin Laden
- Charles Manson
- Idi Amin
- Benito Mussolini
Satan are more persons. See the above.
by Matthijs B May 15, 2005
Probably the largest TV-channel of the world of all-times. Here in Europe it seems quite objective and trustful, though it is said we recieve a whole different CNN than in America.
ignorant redneck: CNN is bad!
intelligent european: Why?
redneck: It supports Bush, Castro, Clinton and Hitler!
european: Don't you think that's a little contradictional?
by Matthijs B May 17, 2005
Smokable softdrugs, the word is originally Dutch. In Amsterdam-accent, people tend to put 'ies' behind a lot of words (meissies, bakkies, fietsies, and hasjies). In English, hasjies is spelled hashish.
Hey, paas mij effe die hasjies man!
(Hey, pass me those hashish man!)
by Matthijs B May 15, 2005

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