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1. To die of boredom
2. Being cheaper than a regular Dutch
3. Having a bad hair day a'l the time
Paul: "Man, I feel like Balkenende today"

Vincent: "I'm not gonna pay the funeral"

Paul: "You're such a Balkenende, has this something to do with your Balkenende?
by GerarDS April 12, 2005
Prime minister of Holland, and most laughed-at one. A French politician once called him Harry Potter, and so does everyone in Holland.
Jan Potter Balkendende should try a different haircut.
by Matthijs B May 15, 2005
Christian-democratic party leader with a horrible hairdo.
Used as a google-bomb titled "raar kapsel".
"Balkenende? Bak ellende zul je bedoelen!" ~Sjaak Bral.
by Miroy June 27, 2007
Dutch and German slang for 'rotten corpse'.
Didn't you hide the body of Tracy? You sick fuck! Do you want his family to find his balkenende and throw up their guts?
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
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