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The cheesey substance that collects at the head of the uncercumcised penis
i would give you a blowjob but i dont like the taste of head cheese
by Matthias July 02, 2004
Incredibly ugly. To have a face that resembles a bulldog chewing on a wasp. Comes from Northern England.
Oh my god, look at that bird! She's mingen!
by Matthias April 16, 2005
The handle on a toilet used to flush the apparatus.

Usually used in conjuction with the dickle
Go dickle the nukaform, the toilet is running again.
by Matthias July 24, 2004
To be the last person romantically involved with someone before they "come out of the closet". As "striking out" is to be shut down, and happens quite often; fouling out, or turning someone homosexual is far less frequent, just as in baseball.
"Did you hear that Stephen is gay?"
"That means Melissa fouled out twice!"
by Matthias September 19, 2004
Matthias -> Thias -> Thi-boi. when in a room after copious amounts of ice cream, names lyk this are created eg soi-boi
Soipers: Thi-boi set me some well gd sweets.
Thias: Nah they is well good.
by Matthias July 12, 2004

To jiggle, jangle, shake, upset, or mess around with.

Ususally used with pieces of machinery or confusing, uncooperative and/or archaic forms of technology.
Dickle that lever over there and see if does something.
by Matthias July 24, 2004

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