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3 definitions by Matthew Williams

An excuse that is only used by a gamer after he is beaten by another gamer or beaten by the computer. Such as "He only beat me because I was reloading" or "I didn't get enough sleep lastnight."
"Dude, he was camping!!!"

"No it was fair. nice Generic Gamer Excuse"
by Matthew Williams October 12, 2006
An excuse used by a gamer when he/she has been beaten in a game by a PC or an NPC.

Examples of Gamer Excuses include:

(1)Matt: Wow, you died.
Frank: Well because you're talking to me!

(2)Mike: I have beaten you five times in a row.
Al: That's because this controller is broken!
by Matthew Williams May 05, 2007
see "Generic Gamer Excuse"
"That was the lamest Generic Gamer Excuse(GGE)"
by Matthew Williams October 10, 2006