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3 definitions by Matthew Van Gorder

the best looking in any given group or gathering.
Did you check out the Van Gorder over there? I can honestly say that is the only person I would openly fuck naked right here.
by Matthew Van Gorder May 09, 2008
12 1
Similar to a V-card, but referring to a first pregnancy rather than just ones virginity.
Dude! Did you hear about Trisha? First time splashing cherries and she straight got that mom card swiped same time as that v-card. Homegirl is prego.
by Matthew Van Gorder May 13, 2008
3 0
a close friend. Someone who understands your complete vocabulary; especially the words no one else recognizes.
My brosee Jeff Pap digs what I'm repping, ya heard?
by Matthew Van Gorder May 13, 2008
3 2