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the best looking in any given group or gathering.
Did you check out the Van Gorder over there? I can honestly say that is the only person I would openly fuck naked right here.
by Matthew Van Gorder May 09, 2008

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adj, n, v. Usually refers to a female, sometimes a female teacher, who nobody likes. Some synonyms can include "stingy", "penguin", or "waddle waddle".
1. Oh man, that VanGorder gets on my nerves.
by wha! December 28, 2003
A female teacher, a haggard-faced, vomit-inducing fugly of a woman, who has an ear-jarring cackle, and a goatish sense of humor whom nobody likes.
"Ooooh, If that VanGorder speaks to me again I'll wring her neck!"
by Bleah January 01, 2004