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1. the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep ground into a paste with oats and barley and then boiled in the same sheep's stomach. the main meal of burns night where it is served with 'neeps an' 'taters, turnips and potatoes repectively.
2. a small ground mammal with tartan skin, one set of legs is often shorter than the other so they can run round hills, unfortunately only one way so haggis farmers haver the other way around the hill. haggis can only see in a straight line so in order to catch one a drunken stagger must be imitated in order to go unnoticed, this is known as havering.
Spicy McHaggis, one hell of a guy.
by Matthew Ledwitch March 14, 2006
Vin Dieselites are followers of Vin Dieselisim. Vin Diesel is considered god and all commands by Vin must be followed.
Vin Dieselist festivals include 'chainsaw juggling week', 'Vin Diesel Appriciation Month' and 'Christmas Kombat'. A challange against Vin Diesel's Manlyness, Abilities or Ideals in the presence of a Vin Dieselite will Likely end in gladitorial combat.
Hail Vin Diesel!
-Vin Dieselites at The VIIV party congress of Vin Dieselites.
by Matthew Ledwitch March 14, 2006

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