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A word I once heard spoken by a freaky yellow monster in a childrens show.
Monster: Great googly moogly!
Me: what did that thing just say?
by Matthevv March 04, 2005
See dissapointment. A rushed title due to constant bitching and due to that, it left a game with a few superweapons making it so that any idiot can be uber so it is often played by the same guys who play counterstrike
God made Halo, then he handed the sequal over to microsoft. Who in turn opend the door to all the counterstrike noobs in the world.
"HAHAHAHA I got the rocket launcher"
"noob i got the long distanced sword... go figure that one"
by Matthevv May 09, 2005
To be beaten until the point you are nothing but moosh to be baked into a pastry
oh dude you got sconed!
by Matthevv May 26, 2005
the study of staying away from the buisness end of a large animal
It's a good thing I took that Marine Biology course, otherwise that Tiger shark would have totaly kicked my ass.
by Matthevv March 04, 2005

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