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Nino D'Aversa is the best restaurant in the world. Located at 1 Toro road in Toronto, this excellent small homestyle Italian eatery dishes out the best veal sandwichs, pizza, pasteries and what ever the fuck else you want you can find. There are a couple of them in or around Toronto but the Toro road one is the best, and the latest one opened is worked by flips that don't speak english so fuck that one. I have also heard some stuff about this place being connected to the mafia and I know that it has been blown up by a bomb but that was a while ago so don't worry, check this sheit out.
Man I wish I lived across the street from Nino's (Nino D'Aversa)!!!
by Matteo Cappella November 13, 2007
An Italian firearm company which is close to five hundred years old. This company makes the best weapons the world has ever seen. Most of these other definitions brag about the fact that U.S.A. uses them because the people that write these definition are brain-dead retards that have something messed up in their head that makes them think if the U.S. uses the companies weapons, then they are good, well how about this bitch, THIS IS AN ITALIAN GUN USED BY THE ITALIAN ARMY, that says a shit load more.
The best pieces that the Beretta company owns are never exported and stay right at home, in Italia!
by Matteo Cappella November 17, 2007

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