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Wielder of White Magic. Uses healing powers to strenghten and heal allies. Also can use magic to harm the undead. In Final Fantasy, it is one of the most important jobs. Generally a woman. In FFXI, this job is usually left to the Tarutaru. If you play this job, you can be spammed for continuous cures by the dead people you pass. Also the job class with the weakest defense.
Deadguy: raise me!
WhiteMage: Why?
Deadguy: cuz youre a white mage! it's ur job!
WhiteMage: *casts magic*
Deadguy: Yes!!!!!11! Woot!!!
Goblin hits WhiteMage for 1425 points of damage.
WhiteMage falls to the ground.
Deadguy: u suck.
by Mattacon November 28, 2005

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