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A SPORT, people say it's gay, ok then, why do all the wrestlers have hot chicks on their arms? If you don't wrestle because you think "ew it's gay" it either:
1. your not confident about your sexuality.
2. you are dumb.
3. you know you'll get trashed in a ring.
I myself wrestle, and a lot of other sportsmen come in and TRY, but a lot don't succeed because it's a very tough sport and you have to be superfit and your body is not suited to wrestle. Their are many different styles:
1. Pro: American style wrestling done by big muscly guys
2. Shoot: real, such as Ultimate Fighting Championships
3. British: Submission based, sort of like American but originated from the UK and has a different more traditional image to it
4. Indy: RoH, LAW, very good style of wrestling, like backyarding rules but in a ring and professional
5. Amatuer: Olympic style wrestling
6. Backyarding: I don't know how any can call with wrestling but somehow it's classed as wrestling, done by risktakers in their backyards who record it on home video, I would classify it as "brawls" personally
7. Lucha Libre: originated from mexico, traditionally wear masks, do highflying moves
Their are more but I'm tired...
Yeah I agree wrestling can sometime be boring to watch, but remember wrestler's are awsome athletes who go out their every night and day and kick ass for you guys at home.
It's not all fake, moves are 50-50, both people make the moves happen, but risks and injuries are real and so are the stunts, respect wrestler's whether you like them or not.
World Wrestling Entertainment
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Ring of Honor
Live Action Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
New Japan Pro Wrestling
World of Sport
World Championship Wrestling
Extreme Championship Wrestling
by Matt_Frontier June 01, 2005

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