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A fuck bug is when a group of guys get together preferably in the woods and dig a big hole. One of the men catches a bug, preferably a beetle, and throws it in the hole. Next, all of the men take their clothes off, jump in the hole and try to fuck the bug, but the bug gets away and they just end up fucking each other. Afterwards they all go to the bar and say things like, "I thought I had the little bastard but I guess that was you Hank,
sorry i thought it was the bug..." --- SURE YOU DID.

Items needed for a fuck bug: shovels, small bug, at least 4 naked guys.

Sounds during a fuck bug: oooohh yeahh!!!! come on now! (like a hick would say it) ooohh!!! ahhhh!!! git' on me Jim (like a hick would say it)
There is a fuck bug tonight under the old treehouse at 7pm, can you bring the shovels?
by Matt_ July 10, 2006

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