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A person with a mouthful of braces attempting to have a mouthful of cock.
"That little bitch, if she just didn't have braces i'd still have my foreskin, that cock mangler."
by matt in the hat October 22, 2003
Slang for crack cocaine.
Customer: "What you pushin?"
Dealer: "I got Flav, 20's and 40's, what you need?"
by Matt in the Hat October 21, 2003
A Boston area slang refering to the homosexual men that walk through the tall protective reeds of boston's Fenway area looking for a man to fuck.
We must leave this area promptly, the sun just set and the Fen Men are soon to arrive, i don't want intestinal damage.
by Matt in the Hat October 21, 2003
Literally meaning "long live the monkey" in french. But, it's oh so much more. This is the phrase that will revolutionise the face of the planet.
Better start saying it before everybody else does, so then you can be hardcore.
by Matt in The Hat April 02, 2004

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