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To reserve the rear seat behind the passenger seat, "shotgun."
Person 1: I call shotgun.
Person 2: Well then I call Cobaine.
by Matt Youngblood August 13, 2005
the next logical progression of computing. utilizing advanced "trinary code," the typical 0s and 1s are augmented with the technological breakthrough of 2s, resulting in processing and data storage that is 33% better!

theory: if 0 = off and 1 = on, then 2 = maybe both!
"wow thats a sweet looking trigital camera you got there."
"got it off ebay for $300i."
"shit. trigital cameras are so high-tech, their price is an imaginary number..."

"my trigital computer kicks ass, i can send email back in time to myself!"
by Matt Youngblood February 09, 2007
the word one uses when he or she cannot remember the large word they looked up on dictionary.com previously that day.
"oh man, whats that synomym for elongated that starts with a k?"
"oh, I know this, it is sepidepilopodus."
by matt youngblood February 08, 2007
an abbreviation for the phrase "Paris Hilton Hot," which is an allusion to "hot" as Paris Hilton would mean it
Zach: We're going to mic an acoustic guitar through the plate glass wall and amp it up.
Matt: That's PHH.
by Matt Youngblood March 25, 2006

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