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A medical condition in males that stems from shaving the genitals, resulting in pubic hairs, in the early stages of their growth, to be prickly, itchy, and short, resembling the prickers on a cactus.
Friend 1: "Did you get to bang Nicole last night?"

Friend 2: "No man, she said I need to shave and get rid of that cactus cock. What a fucking bitch!"
by Matt Schroeder April 24, 2008
A Slang term for LSD, typically refering to blotter paper, but may be applied to other forms of street lysergic acid diethylamide such as liquid or gel tabs.
Rob where did you stash the chem homework? This kid wants to Meet our Friend Lucy.
by Matt Schroeder April 26, 2008
The female variant of Cactus Cock, or the medical condition involving the sharp, prickly growth of post-shaving pubic hair, resembling a cactus' prickles.
Mary had some bad cactus cooch last night. I think she cut me with those prickles of hers!
by Matt Schroeder April 24, 2008

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