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11 definitions by Matt Parker (parkman47)

Huge camel toe
her camel toe was so big, it looked like another butt... in her front...
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 14, 2002
50 16
flamboyant, gay
"That slice of pizza is festive"
by Matt Parker (parkman47) October 29, 2002
68 35
rock solid, something is secure and good... solid gold hit
Yea J, that idea is solid... solid gold...
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 15, 2002
40 14
one who lingers around the anal canal
arr matey, we butt pirates are in search of a place to bury our treasure, arr, arr.
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 15, 2002
78 57
a penis long enough to touch the water in the toilet while going number two
i've seen your penis and it aint no water toucher
by Matt Parker (parkman47) February 14, 2006
31 14
an unavoidable erection during extreme sadness
my cat just died and all i could do was cry. a girl i knew came over to comfort me and kept rubbing my cock. i couldn't help but get a deprection.
by Matt Parker (parkman47) June 23, 2010
2 1
abundantly used, proliferate, widespread, accepted
It's a perfectly cromulant word
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 13, 2002
42 42